HWW: Solar System

We invited a teacher from the IB Diploma level, Ms Keti (a physics teacher), to talk about how the moon affects the Earth, its gravity, day time and night time, and the changing of the tides. –Long

UOI: Lego Machines

Our unit focused on the evolution of the application of simple machines during the course of history. One question we tried to investigate was how the Egyptians built the pyramids without any prior knowledge except for the different types of simple machines and how they work. Students were placed in groups and they had to…

WWPT: Tuning In

For our provocation in our unit focusing on explorations, my assistant and I wore a soldier’s and a flight attendant’s costume. We wanted to encourage our students to ask questions about the places we have been, and what we have seen and experienced. We highlighted these two professions to encourage students to think about how…

Concept-based planning

The Grade 3 team created a visual map on how to integrate the different disciplines in our upcoming unit about simple machines. We used Dr Lynn Erickson’s approach on how to build from concepts to a generalization. –Liza

SA: Signs and Symbols

Here, my students have chosen a location (i.e. airport, hospital, or hotel), where signs and symbols are prominent. When they recreate the model, students also create signs and symbols found in these places. — Long

Capture 5

A mathematics game where students needed to use addition and subtraction strategies to capture five numbers chosen at random on the 100 chart. They may use unifix cubes or the number chart itself to help them add or subtract the numbers to capture the chosen number. –Liza

Using Resources

We went to the library for our frontloading and read books about different water and land forms. — Long

SA: Building City Models

Students designed and created their own cities to show how city systems are connected to support the community. –Liza

Reading Aloud

There are times I dress up to engage the children in the read-aloud. Here, I was introducing the elements of a story to give students ideas on how to write their own comic book. –Long

Using Money to Make 100

We used our coins to demonstrate using different combinations of 100 tetri or 1 Lari. –Liza

Unlocking the Central Idea

Grade 2 students help unpack the central idea. I did thisĀ at the “finding out” stage of our inquiry cycle to check on how much they have learned from the “tuning in” stage. –Long

UOI: Mind Map

We finished our mind map of different places we can find in Tbilisi. Those highlighted in yellow are what the class thinks were important places in a city.